Wednesday, September 1, 2010

INTERnship TRaiNing

Galeri Seni Warisan Terengganu

Urm..This is my internship training. I was started on 1st August and will finish on 21st October. For your information, Terengganu International Design Excellence (TiDE) launched on 25 May 2007. TiDE is an agency that was established under the Entrepreneur Development Foundation (YPU), which serves as a center of professional expertise and systematic development of design excellence to enhance the creativity of design internationally. Beginning in 2010, Terengganu International Design Excellence (TiDE) has changed its name to Terengganu Institute of Design Excellence (TiDE).

In addition, TiDE serves as the center of integrated and robust information in terms of design, particularly in the areas of textiles, batik, songket, handicrafts such as brass and carved. Tide also a point of reference for entrepreneurs and designers, especially in Terengganu. In government today, to enhance the carving industry, the government has set up a complex of carved wood carving village or Desa Ukiran Kayu (DUK) under the supervision TiDE. Besides that, the TiDE also has responsibility for managing the Galeri Seni Warisan Terengganu (GSWT) located in the front of Batu Bersurat Roundabout, Kuala Terengganu.

Galeri Seni Warisan Terengganu

Batu Bersurat Roundabout

Friday, June 25, 2010

Final Project

my final project: DANCHEONG

DACHEONG is my inspiration and subject matter and it refers to korean traditional decorative coloring on wooden buildings and artifacts for the purpose of style. it literally means "cinnabar and blue-green" in korean. it is based on five basic colors, blue (east), white (west), red (south), black (north), and yellow (center). it functions not only for decoration, but also for practical purposes such as to protect building surface against temperature and to make the crudeness of materials less conspicuous.